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What to Wear


Do you ever wonder how  some of your friends or family have the best photo shoots with their photographer? Everything is lined up and beautiful! Their adorable photos makes you decide to also book a shoot with a photographer you like. You’re itching to see a sneak peek and get the entire CD so you can quickly check out how great you look!

You get your images and you see them, something is off, not bad but not good. You can’t figured it out, your friend’s images were colorful, vibrant the entire color scheme of the images just all lined up. You chose the same/similar location, maybe even the same photographer but it’s just not right!

It’s your clothes!! Your son/daughter’s clothes, how did you dress your husband/boyfriend? I can’t say enough about your wardrobe.

Of course my dream as a photographer is to have clients that line up a few outfits the night before and send me a picture so we can discuss why something might work or may not! Of course that is not always as easy as it sounds!

To help break it down for you I wrote 5 do’s and 5 don’ts! This guide will help you to not be overwhelmed by the process of picking out a wardrobe…

  1. Vibrant and fun colors! Find clothes you feel AMAZING & beautiful in!

  2. Texture! Anything with lace and fun ribbons.

  3. Shoes!! Heels, wedges, cowgirl boots, flats!

  4. Accessories! Scarfs, necklaces, rings!

  5. Your best face! Get your hair and make up done if possible! (Just make sure the make up artist uses foundation that is true to what you normally wear)

  1. All white or all black. Unless you’re getting married or going to a funeral! White washes you out and well black unless it’s a little black dress isn’t fun! {Same for white little dresses, slap on a cute belt and you’re golden!}

  2. Shoes you don’t feel sexy in! This could include shoes you wear to work, your grandma’s 90th birthday and church.

  3. Bring only 1 outfit! There is no limit! Fill that suitcase girl!

  4. A sweatshirt and jeans you would clean your house in! You’re so beautiful and I want to show you off!

  5. Spray tans!! Best not to get a spray tan before the shoot incase something goes wrong!

 Dressing your man is another story! I completely failed in this department during our engagement shoot! There is this cute full body shot of the both of us smiling and giving one another googly eyes, when I blew it up the image to a larger version,  all that I could see what this huge Nike logo on his ankle socks!

All the sudden our photos went from professional to a little ghetto! Not ghetto fabulous, just ghetto! It was the easist fix, just have him wear plain socks then that engagement image won’t look like an ad for a sports company that makes couples fall in love by just wearing their socks. Don’t worry there is a happy ending! We cropped the image and it’s framed in our dining room!

  1. Polos, button ups, nice sweaters

  2. Semi-nice shoes

  3. Belts, designer hats and scarves

  4. Nice jackets, blazers and sweaters

  5. Jeans that you feel make him look sexy but nothing with bling on booty….unless it’s really just his thing!

  1. Huge white tennis shoes and clunky plastic watches!

  2. Large logos on any part of your outfit

  3. White button up and black slacks, unless your planning on getting married at that shoot or we have a theme for our session!

  4. Sweatshirts, winter jackets or hoodies (Unless we are photographing a clothing line that includes sweatshirts or it’s part of the theme)

  5. No beanies! Unless it’s part of the outfit. Get your hair cut on the day of the shoot! If possible 2 days before.

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