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Mother’s Day Event 2016 at Bostic Lake Ranch in Redmond, Wa

The night is still young but the event is winding down, some of you have chosen to stay. We head up the wooden stairsView More»


Let me start off by saying growing up I had no idea what I wanted to be when I grew up. This happens often with artistsView More»

Dear Daughter’s on Mother’s Day (For those with Mother’s that have passed away)

Dear Alicia,  Amanda,  Sara C,  Sarah G, and Stephanie, I can’t even begin to explain what happen.  DevineView More»

The Unicorn Emoticon

I have been working so much lately I started to notice I wasn’t spending as much time smiling, laughing, and justView More»

Walkmans, Hand written Notes & Film

As most things go, things get better with time. As the digital age has taken over, film has become a thing of the past,View More»

First Look Vs. Tradition- Waiting until the Ceremony, to see one another

The most common question I get from couples planning their Wedding Photography Timeline is about the First Look vs.View More»

Business advice from a not so savvy business woman…

Like most photographers I get asked questions on editing, what program I use, lens, etc. However I noticed I never getView More»