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Miguel & Matt’s Wedding in San Francisco & Seattle

There are two parts to this story and let me start by telling you the sunny San Francisco version. Grab your tissues, a glass of wine and be ready for a love story with heart ache, perseverance, and history. This is one for the books!

It’s hard to not want to write about how amazing Matt & Miguel are as individuals. Anyone that knows them knows this is true. They both have so much to offer the world and being together for 10 years you can feel that they always handled life’s up and downs with grace and patience. Never showing signs of stress of frustration but only love and commitment to each other and those they love.

They’ve been together for 10 years and married on their 10th anniversary in beautiful San Francisco.



The day started out perfect. The sun rose, cascading its light through alleys separated by buildings climbing to the blue sky! Matt and Miguel’s long time friend’s Marissa & Joni stood by helping with ties, pouring champagne, laughing, celebrating not just this day but what the last decade has been like to get to this day. They knew the emotions and the more difficult moments that lead to this better than anyone else.






I wasn’t a part of their lives 10 years ago but as I watch childhood friends break down in tears, I can only imagine what their thoughts were, what they went through. Emotions stuffed down for years, finally coming to the surface, ready to be seen and heard. It’s happening, it’s beautiful and there’s no stopping it.

From Joni’s perspective (Matt’s longest childhood friend)

“I am so proud and in awe of the way both Matt and Miguel have done the hard work of establishing authenticity in their lives. They believe in living in the truth and facing life head on with all its messy reality. They are continually strengthening their relationships with the people they love and with each other.”

“It was an honor to be in SF for the wedding. I kept thinking about all the brave LGBT community there that has never stopped fighting for equality. It was such a quintessential San Francisco experience with the ceremony at the beautiful courthouse, the reception in an incredible Victorian mansion, and dancing till dawn in the Castro! It was a weekend of LOVE that I’ll never forget and Jessica captured it all beautifully in her wonderful photos!”

Before we all left Matt & Miguel gave Joni & Marissa the most elegant Tiffany necklaces as a symbol of their gratitude for their unconditional support, love & devotion to their friendships.


Marissa, one of Miguel’s childhood friends came all the way from Spain to be with the couple. When Miguel told her they were flying to San Fransisco to get married, Marissa didn’t even hesitate to make sure she would be there.

Moments like these get me thinking as we get older and the true nature of real friendship. Even when you’re not together all the time, or live in different time zones, the fact that your friend would fly across the world to be with you on your special day shows the amount of love and respect this friendship has built over the last two decades.

As this day is playing out, Marissa’s happiness for her best friend,  shines through as hugs and smiles are exchange.


It’s almost 2pm and time to meet at the San Francisco City Hall. Everyone finds their way there and as everyone meets by the front steps as wave of excitement hits. Smiles, laughter, hugs and this intense feeling of happiness floods us all.

My face is hidden behind the lens, but as I watch the most genuine people in the world all hug each other, truly excited for Matt & Miguel, tears role down my face. This is what love is all about. We talk about loving one another but to show it through your actions is a completely different aspect. Don’t just tell people you love them, show it.




Everyone heads into San Francisco City Hall, if you have never been there. Put it on your bucket list of places to see. The only word that came to mind when we walked in, was grand! It’s very grand! The high ceiling, flowing stair case, beautiful architecture and cascading columns. It was the perfect place for Matt and Miguel to say their I Do’s!


Everyone waits patiently for Miguel’s and Matt’s turn. Vows are practiced, friends relax and wait. It’s a calm moment and one to savor.





As the vows were read, 10 years of memories washed through the room. The energy was intense as Matt and Miguel both gave very moving speeches. There wasn’t a dry eye when they reference their fur babies, Bella & Frank. The way they both take care of them and love them.






The adventure didn’t stop here! Everyone headed to a Victorian Mansion that has been restored to it’s original state for dinner.



As we all strolled in and climbed the stairs, their friends were waiting at the top of the balcony ready to give beautifully written toasts.

I think everyone could agree when Marissa said, “When Miguel first told me about Matt, I knew Matt was the one for him,  because I have never seen Miguel as happy as he was when he was with Matt.”

Their happiness is evidence that they were meant to be together. They are better together and have created this circle of trust and happiness with those they love.

As we headed downstairs, you could smell the amazing dinner being prepared and couldn’t help but appreciate the stunning table scape created by their friends.





The evening followed with lots of laughter and amazing food and wine. It was one of those nights you don’t want to end because it feels almost magical. Matt and Miguel have created this feeling by just being themselves and inviting us all to join in.


The night ended with dancing and LOTS of laughter.

It was perfect.

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