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Taleah and David Engagement at Edmond’s Beach

If I were to say Edmond’s beach for Taleah, David and I was kind of important,  that would be an understatement. Edmond’s beach is the shore that we can touch with our hands and feet that connects us with home. The sand and water surrounding our toes is a reminder were almost there. Watching as the white and green ferry sets off to Kingston,  we know we are one step closer to home. Being from Forks is always an interesting tale to tell. Proir to Twilight Forks was a sleepy logging town that not many people knew about. If you did know about it,  you are probably very protective of it. I was forunate enough to spend my weekends, summers and holidays in Forks. Running around in the woods with my friends, going to the ocean was a normal daily routine just like dinner, and the river just a 5 minute walk away.


Being able to do all these things also included, getting the honor at 11 years old of being Taleah’s babysitter. It’s an honor because her family is very protective of her and not just anyone was allowed to babysit. This means I took my job very seriously!! We had an entire resort/campground her family owned to run around on, have bon fires, smores, tree swings and endless hours outside. I remember heading back home when I was 21 and seeing her in the 4th of July parade. She was all grown up and stunning!! My thoughts raced to when she was young. Taleah was shy, sweet and happy. I never remember her being upset but I do remember her smile and the adorable bob hair cut she had.


Taleah is the type of girl that gets along with everyone and when I met David for the first time I could understand instantly why they chose to be together. It wasn’t just the way he looked at her, but the way he complimented her, he saw the same bright shining star she is, that we all see in her.

“You’re just so great Taleah, you’re not mean to anyone and when new people come into town, you’re so excited to meet them, I love it!” I smiled, knowing exactly what he meant.

Being in a small town can be hard for new comers,  but Taleah will be the first one to embrace you with open arms.


As we set out to Edmonds I saw it again, the way he looked at her, the comfort and the way she smiled back. She always looked him in the eye with trust and admiration. This time I am not her babysitter but her wedding photographer and I had the same desire to take my job very seriously as I am trusted once again with Taleah & the love her life, David!




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  • April 29, 2016 - 5:50 pm

    Taleah - Oh, Jess. We love our photos so much! Your words mean more than you know. We feel so lucky to be working with you because you are such a natural and extremely talented. You have a way about you that makes us feel so comfortable being in front of the camera. This experience has been so special to me, in particular, because I’ve known you for so many years and to have you be a part of our big day makes it that much more special. You are amazing and we couldn’t be more thankful for you. Thank you again!ReplyCancel

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